Apple Mac Viewing Instructions

Most of this web site should be immediately accessible to the Mac user. However, some pages use Microsoft's Silverlight technology, which requires a special web browser plugin. Instructions for download:

1. Click this link to Microsoft's Silverlight 3.0 Download for the Mac.
2. When your download begins, click the appropriate 'Open' / 'Save' / 'Run' buttons presented to accept and install the Silverlight 3.0 runtime plugin.
3. Once you have successfully installed the Silverlight plugin in your web browser, reboot your Mac.
4. Try to access the page(s) or link(s) you could not 'get to' before. 
5. If links or pages are still unavailable, or if you experience issues viewing the displayed pages, email the webmaster for help.

Minimal Mac Technical Requirements
* Works with either your Safari or Firefox v.3.5 or later Mac web browser
* Requires Max OS X 10.4.8 or later.
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