Privacy and Security  
1.    We will never release your e-mail address to anyone, period.  
2.    We will never release any other personal information either.  
3.    Do you bank online?  We take security precautions similar to those that banks take.  Our promise is to prevent anyone else from seeing information you either ask the site for or give to the site. The only ‘public’ disclosure of your information will be depersonalized, accumulated statistics from no fewer than 300 quizzes of the same type. Your information will be a ‘grain of sand in a pile’ not distinguishable from the rest, and even if it somehow could be told apart it would still be just a statistic that could not be linked to you.

Statistics are accumulated from depersonalized quiz results and analyzed to improve quiz accuracy. In the long term, by completing our quizzes you are helping to scientifically validate the TriUnityTM theory which underpins this site's workings.
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