Company and Founders  
1. Year of incorporation:   Sep 9, 1999.  
2. Primary Business:   Coaching, Training and Consulting.  
3. Location:   Margate, Florida, U.S.A.  
4. Principals:   Michael G. Peterson, co-owner
Melodye A. Peterson, co-owner
5. Publications: (eBook)  Life Energy Playground BOOK 1  - How to increase your life energy and build emotional competency.

To download our eBook ($14.99 USD), go here .
6. Contact Us:   Full contact information is available on Page 2 of our eBook: Life Energy Playground BOOK 1.  
7. Mission and Purpose:   To advance emotional development to catch up to technology.

The company founders contend that without equal attention to advancing emotional development, accelerating technological development will be our undoing instead of our salvation.

Our technology has progressed far faster than the average citizen’s emotional skill. As technology advances, more and more powerful weapons are being put in our hands. Yet we remain little more emotionally developed than those who lived 2,000 years ago.

When it comes to emotional development, our society has a ‘break-fix’ attitude. If you aren’t ‘broken,’ you just carry on. If something isn’t broken, you say, why fix it? If you should break, we have institutions for fixing broken people: prisons, mental hospitals and rehab centers. Things aren’t much different now than when Dickens put these words in the mouth of Scrooge, “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?”

If we took that attitude toward technology, we’d all still be carrying clubs.

The ‘break-fix’ approach is not working. We are still facing the same problems as those of centuries past. Our diversity is a greater source of conflict than of synergy. The nuclear family is frequently split by divorce. Children are generally devalued by society, as evidenced by poor wages child care workers receive, barbed wire surrounding many of our schools and our general lack of social energy to combat the suffering of our young, who receive neither choice nor voice.

Despite centuries of chances to learn from history, our world is still flush with fanaticism, war, poverty, starvation, slavery, genocide and terrorism. Naysayers dismiss these problems as unsolvable, claiming human nature ‘is what it is.’ The founders contend this is ostrich-style thinking that abdicates responsibility and accountability for deeply examining and advancing ‘human nature.’ Emotions are part of human nature and we risk forfeiting a huge opportunity by underestimating the difference emotional development makes to the quality of life.

Global emotional development has to start with individual development – yours. For example, it is when you are stuck in the emotions of cynicism and resignation that you are inclined to be an abdicating naysayer! With advanced development you will flow through these emotions and find possibility and commitment on the other side.

You have an opportunity now to begin advancing your emotional development, by dramatically raising your self-awareness. You can understand who you really are and claim your life purpose.

I guarantee that obstructing your way are certain ubiquitous illusions and insidious untruths that scatter your energy, dull your emotions and rob your power. They silently, invisibly impinge on your relationships with your self, with your important others, and with the world at large.

You will obtain new clarity through exploring this web site and through reading the series of Life Energy Playground books , beginning with BOOK 1 - How to increase your life energy and build emotional competency . You have the opportunity to gain new and meaningful personal, social and business breakthroughs. As you explore, expect your beliefs to be challenged. Yet in the light of broadened perspective, you will discover new frontiers of human understanding.

That will be only the beginning. Your growth will accelerate with each passing year. You will be inspired and invigorated to become part of the critical mass of people needed to generate a ‘tipping point’ – the time of genuine solutions to our so-called ‘intractable’ world problems.
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