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Welcome to the Life Energy PlaygroundTM

Would you like to explore and become the master of your life energy  and emotional energy? discover its breadth and depth?  If so, read on!

We invite you to explore and assess six Major Aspects of your life energy:

 - use the TriUnity Emotion Coach™ to name, claim and aim your emotional energy to help you deal with any situation, 

 - complete a self-assessment quiz for each of your six Major Aspects, and

 - get validating, fun and educational 'personality assessments' based on each quiz.

To get started:

1. Register here as a site member.

2. Consult the online TriUnity Emotion Coach™ here.  For now, the Coach is free for all site members. Your feedback on the 'Coach' is welcome and encouraged.

3. Take a Life Energy quiz here

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Revisit this site from time to time for more exploratory tools and information, which we will continue to add to the Life Energy Playground.

Recent Site Upgrades:

Released 12/12/2011 - the first production release of the Emotion Coach (click here  to try it!). The online web Emotion Coach™ will guide you to name and claim your emotions.  Then the 'Coach' will help you aim your emotional energy into natural competencies you can use to deal with whatever situation you find yourself in. 

For now, the 'Coach' will remain free for all site members. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged: will you help us improve the 'Coach'?
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